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EPO-Seminar 2009

A seminar on the “Accountability of International Organizations” (18 and 19 May, 2009) was held at the Vienna Law School within the framework of the LL.M. Program in International Legal Studies, which provided a platform for discussions between Vienna students and practitioners from the European Patent Office. Recent cases reviewing United Nations Security Council resolutions and/or implementing measures by the EU and its member states before domestic or regional courts as well as “international courts” ( such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice) were subject to lively debates. Further arguments focussed on the procedural options available to staff members in case of disputes with their employer organizations thereby stressing human rights concerns as found in the case-law of administrative tribunals as well as in the ECtHR jurisprudence. Conceivable policy options for reforming the existing system were ultimately identified and examined.


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